Sì, facciamo
Campagne Creative.

Le ideiamo. Le produciamo. Le distribuiamo.
Che altro dobbiamo fare... spazzarti il salotto?

We create original content

for brands, companies and for those who need it.
And we do it with an ongoing strategy. We follow our clients during every phase of the project: from the idea to its creation, using … bla bla bla, you get what we’re saying.

Nice to meet you, we’re the Blankers

Our ranks are made up of filmmakers, designers, scriptwriters and photographers, united by a common passion for videos. We are one of the most unusual and diverse groups around but we know what it means to share, discuss and improve.

Discover studio

How we do it.

Since splitting things up into lists makes everything look more professional, here are our services summarised in 3 steps:

1. We analyse the brand and identify its Tone of voice, Target and Goals with the help of lots and lots of caffeine;

2. We identify the most suitable type of video while our creative team expresses its madness through scripts and storyboards;

3. We start the actual production, followed by editing, sound design, final check … and lots of tears on behalf of the editors.

And voilà: the video is ready to be parked in the client’s hands!